Giving rivers the space they need

Historically, economic development has been at the expense of the aquatic and river milieux, thus increasing the threats to the water resources (lower quality, lower flows) and the risk of flooding.    Today, management policies must converge to give back to the rivers adequate space in which to express themselves freely, without impeding the development of human activities.

Main documents
Life project3/31/07
Water law6/27/08
Schéma de gestion du lit et des berges de la Dordogne12/16/17
Information letter - alluvial deposits12/16/17
Information letter - aquatic milieux9/1/05
Banks and mascarets - Information letter12/16/17
Other documents
Main documents
Life project3/31/076/27/086/30/080Ko  
Water law6/27/086/27/086/30/080Ko  
Schéma de gestion du lit et des berges de la Dordogne12/16/176/27/086/27/0831Koappli    
Information letter - alluvial deposits12/16/176/26/086/27/0824Koappli    
Information letter - aquatic milieux9/1/056/26/086/27/0823Koappli    
Banks and mascarets - Information letterEPIDOR12/16/176/26/086/27/0824Koappli    
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GUERRI Olivier Engineer in charge of migratory
MOINOT Frédéric Engineer in charge of aquatic
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