EPIDOR has responsibility, throughout the entire Dordogne basin, for facilitating balanced management of the waterways, the preservation and management of the wetlands, and the prevention of flooding.




It is a public body created by the local authorities of the six départements through which the Dordogne flows:   Puy de Dôme, Cantal, Corrèze, Lot, Dordogne and Gironde.    EPIDOR is a member of the Association of EPTBs, a grouping of France’s individual water organisations which are officially recognised as having operational responsibility for water management under the environmental code.

Main documents
EPIDOR activity report 200711/1/07
Other documents
La Dordogne, un torrent, un fleuve, une rivière2/25/18
Main documents
EPIDOR activity report 2007EPIDOR11/1/076/19/086/27/08131Koappli    
Other documents
La Dordogne, un torrent, un fleuve, une rivière2/25/186/27/086/27/0845Koappli    
Main perso
Breinig Thomas Engineer in charge of quantitative water managementt.breinig@eptb-dordogne.fr
Guérin Jean-François In charge of information systemsjf.guerin@eptb-dordogne.fr

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Epidor web sitewww.eptb-dordogne.fr
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